Contributions Of The Muslim Woman In Giving Sincere Advice


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A woman is an advisor; a guide; and an educator. Her advice for others contributes to making life more settling and full of tranquility and happiness; because she can address souls by guiding them to what will reform and lead them to success out of love for whoever is advised and out of desire for the good and reform of their souls; since she is gifted with nice speech; faithful intentions; intense and deep emotions that substantially lead the minds of sinners to safety and success.

This book points out the position of the woman in the field of D’awah in general and her position in giving advice in particular. This very woman is an integral part of the society; she is a daughter; a sister; a wife; and a mother. She could be at her house or her parent’s house; she could be outside her house in the company of her friends and colleagues. At all of these places; she hears and sees whoever is around her whether it is good or bad. Notably; our pure religion commands the woman the same as the man to actively change evil once sighting it.

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Shaykh Ridaa bin Khaalid Booshaamah








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