A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam – I. A. Ibrahim


This introductory book on Islam serves as a good Da’wah tool, explaining some of the fundamentals of Islam, as well signifying verses of the Qur’an and how they relate to science and the world around us.  It consists of three chapters.
First chapter Evidence for the Truth of Islam
*  Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran
*  Challenge to Produce One Chapter Like the Chapters of the Holy Quran
*  Biblical Prophecies on the Advent of Muhammad
*  Verses in the Quran That Mention Future Events
*  Miracles by the Prophet Muhammad
*  Simple Life of Prophet Muhammad
Second chapter Benefits of Islam
*  The Door to Eternal Paradise
*  Salvation from Hellfire
*  Real Happiness and Inner Peace
*  Forgiveness for All Previous Sins.
Third chapter General Information on Islam
*  What does Islam say about terrorism?
*  What is the status of women in Islam?

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