An introduction to the Study of Islamic Law


About the Book

The book is about the study of Islamic law, sublimity of its Shariah and the ability of Islamic legal system to meet political, administrative and social needs of the people have been proven beyond doubt. Adhering to the injunctions of Islam became indispe-nsable according to the constitution. If the law includes any passage which conflicts with the principles of the Shariat, it would be unconstitutional.

Part 1
Section 1-Definition Of Fiqh and Kinds of Its Rules
Section 2-The Periods Through Which Islamic Law Has Passed
Section 3- Sources of Islamic Law

Problem 1-The Primary sources of Islamic Law
Sub-section 1-The Book
Sub-section 2-The Sunnah
Sub-section 3-Consensus

Problem 2-The Secondary Sources of the Islamic Law
Sub-section 1-Analogy
Sub-section 2-Juristic Preference
Sub-section 3-The Means
Sub-section 4-The Public interest
Sub-section 5-Custom
Sub-section 6-The Opinion of a Companion
Sub-section 7-The Revealed Laws Preceding
Sub-section 8-Presumtion of Continuity

Part 2- Important theories of Islamic Law
Section 1-The theory of contract
Discourse 1-The Formula or Words to be Uttered
Discourse 2-The Object of Contract
Discourse 3-The Contracting Parties
Discourse 4-The Concept Of Cause in Islamic Law

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