An Eighteenth Century Agrarian Manual (Yasin’s Dastur-i-Malguzari)


An Eighteenth Century Agrarian Manual, The Dastur-i Malguzari, generally known as ‘Yasin’s Glossary of Revenue Terms’ has been used by the historians of Mughal agrarian system as well as by the scholars of 18th century India. They have however generally used the British Museum Manuscript of this work. The editor has consolidated this manuscript with the larger K.P. Jaiswal Institute Manuscript of the work. The Text so established has been edited and presented in this book. The work has been translated into English with annotations to make the information comprehensible to scholars. It also contains an Introduction by the editor and translator in which the information in the work has been critically evaluated. The Dastur-i Malguzari is one of the many works prepared under the aegis of the English officials after the acquisition of the Diwani of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa by the English from the Mughal Empror Shah Alam II in 1765. This work was compiled in Bengal at the instance of James Grant in 1785. Though the work is arranged in the form of a glossary in which terms are arranged in sections or chapters (ba¯bs) according to the Persian alphabets, it deals with concepts as well as definitions that enable us to understand the administrative practices, customary rights and obligations, and to catch a glimpse of the value system peculiar to the production relationships prevailing at the time.

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