Malfoozat : Ash-Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas – Arabic


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Short talks by the distinguished scholar and the founder of Tabligh Jamaat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas.

Tablighi Movement was started by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas (1886-1994) in 1927 among the Meos of Mewat region south of Delhi, India. This movement was a response to degeneration and degradation of the Muslims in India. The maulana had realized that the Muslims were drifting away from the basics of Islam so there was a need for a teaching vehicle aimed at the vary basics.

His Motto was ‘Aye Musalmano, Musalman bano’ (Muslims, become Muslims). He began reforming them through six basic articles:

1) Understanding the true Meaning and Purpose of the first Kalimah (there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger),

2)Salah (Namaz) (offering five-times daily prayers),

3) Ilm (acquiring knowledge) & Dhikr (remembrance of Allah),

4) Ikram-e-Muslim (respect for Muslim),

5) Ikhlas-e-Niyat (faithful intention) and

6) Tabligh (spreading the message of Allah) Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil.



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Maulana Mohammed Manzoor Nomani (Rah)


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