Learn the Language of the Holy Qur’an


Dr Abdullah Abbas Nadwi, Assistant Professor of Arabic at King abdul Aziz University (Makkah branch) undertook to write the present book in order to facilitate the learning of Arabic language for those who are not the native speakers of this language. In attempting to do so, he has drawn upon Qur’ãnic verses and Qur’ãnic passages in order to illustrate the rules of arabic grammar. This should help the non-Arabic-speaking students to practice Arabic grammar in the most adequate manner, to become familiar with its difficulties, and to develop command over the language for purposes of reading and writing. The work of Dr. Nadwi accomplishes remarkably well the numerous spiritual, intellectual and educational purposes which he had set out to accomplish. He has also taken care to avoid verbal extravagance and dilettantism and has attempted to make the book as easy and simple as possible. he indeed deserves the gratitude of the world of learning for the great contribution he has made to the arabic language.

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