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About The Book

“Easy Good Deeds” is an excellent book in which the Mufti lists 82 very simple good deeds, which will In sha Allah bring us immense blessings and good reward.

Please take a minute to glance through the ones listed below because the amount of blessings received from reading and implementing these will In sha Allah, be disproportionately greater than the effort taken

The present booklet is a compendium of good deeds done easily, without any significant labour and without any expenditure.

Whosoever shall pay heed to them shall go on doing good deeds and earn merits.”  – From the Introduction

Table of Contents

Some Important Points
1. Good Intention
2. Praying
3. Prayers according to Sunnah
4. Seeking Pardon
5. Dhikr of Allah
6. Darud
7. Thanksgiving
8. Patience
10. To Preceed in Greeting
12. Participation in Burial Service and Burial
14. To love for the sake of Allah
15. Helping a Muslim
16. Justified Recommendation
17. Concealing other’s shortcomings
21. Tenderness/Kindness
27. Good Marital Relationship
28. Good Treatment of Relatives
36. To Learn Matters of Faith
37. Teaching Religion
38. Respect for Elders
48. Wudu Prayer
53. 360 Good Deeds = Ishraq Prayer
56. To Hurry in Iftar
57. Giving Iftar to a Fasting man
60. Starting work early in the morning
61. Dhikir of Allah during business
62. Taking back sold goods
64. Giving grace period to a poor debtor
65. Telling the truth in Trade
66. Planting Trees
79. Cleaning and eating a dropped morsel
80. Praising Allah upon Sneezing and its Response
81. Fear of Allah
82. Optimism and Hope from Allah


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