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The popular and well-known book ‘Bahishti Zewar’ of Hakim al-Ummat Mawlana Ashraf ‘Ali Thanawi, needs no introduction. It contains all the necessary rules and regulations (according to the Hanafi math-hab) needed for a Muslim from birth till death. It gained such popularity and acceptance that approximately, 100,000 copies were printed in the authors lifetime (early 1900’s)!

The book was originally written for women. However, it has proved extremely beneficial for men as well. Bearing this in mind, the compilers of this particular edition undertook the task of removing those rules and regulations which were applicable [solely] to women, while maintaining those applicable to men.

Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi is the author of more than a thousand books. He also brought out Translation of Tafseer Bayan-ul-Qur’an and presented in his Bahishti Zewar. The essence of the entire Islamic life Muslims throughout the world are benefiting from all his books. But inspite of writing so many popular books, he never reserved their Copyright for himself and permitted all the Muslim publishers to publish them of their will. Such men of God (Allah) are seldom found in the present century, otherwise people reserving copyrights for their books are many. Countless blessings of Allah may descend upon the grave of Maulana Thanvi who imparted knowledge of Islam to a novice like us. Had these books not been written in Urdu, Muslims of Sub-Continent territories could not have understood Islam which they do now. By his illustrious work Maulana Thanvi has obliged the Muslims at large.


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