FAQ Bulk Purchase Service

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What is Islamic Book Bazar’s bulk purchase service?

Islamic book bazar is an online aggregator of Islamic books and Islamic items targeted both at B2C & B2B buyers. This service is directed at B2B customers.

What is Bulk Purchase Service?

Bulk Purchase Service stands for Preferred Bulk Buyer service and is designed to help customers who want to source bulk items for reselling in their country. We have a dedicated team and platform which you can use to complete your purchase.

How can I find my book?

IBB is designed to offer a good experience to all our customers whether they are B2C or B2B. For B2B customers, here are the following options you can find your book:

  1. Use our search to find the book,
  2. You can search our publishers for the books published by them,
  3. You can search by language to find your book,
  4. You can search our categories to find the book,
  5. Or you can fill the rare book form in case you cannot find your book.
  6. And you can always use our speak pipe voice mail service for our support team to find your book.

From where does IBB does its sourcing?

IBB being large online B2C Retail stores already partners directly with many of the top publishers /manufacturers and other suppliers in India. We have a complete online platform to handle inventory that makes it easy to handle the complete fulfilment process thereby ensuring the publishers and manufacturers work with us at the best rates.

Are prices negotiable?

At Islamicbookbazar.com (IBB) our goal remains to provide the best and most competitive prices for our buyers on the entire available inventory. We normally allow volume based pricing negotiations with individual customers. However, we work to ensure that when you’re buying from us, you’re getting a great deal.

How do I proceed with the process? Do I need to register myself?

The process is designed for your ease and convenience. So you can take any of the following approaches.

  1. Browse the website, select the product and fill in the enquiry pop up for your chosen  SKU for us to arrange the best price
  2. Fill in the Preferred Bulk Buyer (Bulk Purchase Service) Form and we will come back with details
  3. You Leave a Voice Message by clicking the Send Voicemail button on the right side of the page.

Is Sales Support available for bulk purchase service?

Yes, we have created a dedicated bulk purchase service Sales Support team to help you with large orders. Feel free to call them on Skype – “Islamic_BB” or our India numbers during normal Indian timings of 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Friday. You can also leave a voice message on our website.

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